Why CancelProof?

Because the times demand that everyday businesses protect themselves against Cancel Culture.

The founders of CancelProof have over 30 years combined experience in online marketing, business consulting and technology. After seeing several of their clients and friends be massively impacted by having accounts closed, websites hacked, data deleted or stolen and many other mishaps they decided to do something about it.

Having worked with and consulted multiple businesses that have revenues in the 7 and 8-figures and seeing what can happen when just one account gets shut down the CancelProof founders started looking at how to determine any business's vulnerability to major disruption.

Based on many factors including business vertical,  business type, technology used, revenue sources, advertising channels and more, the CancelProof Score™ will help businesses understand where they are at risk.

Along with the CancelProof Score™ you will get practical and immediately actionable advice to protect and defend your livelihood and business.

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